About Watson Futures

We specialize in pairing qualified investors with carefully selected professional Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) in the Futures industry. Our model is designed to incorporate individualized strategies including trading programs, long term investments, and corporate hedging according to each client's specific objectives. Watson Futures is a branch office of National Futures Association registered and independent Introducing Broker (IB): Back Bay FX Services, LLC (NFA# 0388617). Contact Us

Introduction to Managed Futures

Managed Futures have been utilized by institutional investors for decades yet it remains an investment class that is foreign to most retail investors. We take an educational approach to our business and strongly suggest that you use the tools we've made available to you to educate yourself before considering an investment. Learn More

Commitment to the Client

CTA programs make our Recommended List based purely on merit. In each case we reached out to the CTA to form a relationship based on our own research of their trading programs. We add or subtract CTA programs from our Recommended List only when we feel it is in our clients' best interest. Learn More

Educating the Investment Public

At Watson Futures we do not engage in high pressure sales tactics. We are in business to educate the investment public on Managed Futures, make suitable recommendations to the best of our ability, and to service the accounts of our clients. Learn More

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To invest in certain programs you must be a Qualified Eligible Person (QEP).